Solar Health Uganda’s vision is a world in which there is universal access to safe, modern energy and a robust social safety net that prioritizes the energy needs of vulnerable women and girls.

Solar Health Uganda's mission  is "To implement efficient and effective strategies to address energy poverty and climate change"

Projects implemented

Solar Health Uganda facilitates innovative solar programming in Uganda with grant funding from Let There Be Light International. Notable accomplishments include the solar-electrification of 31 prioritized off-grid health clinics and the donation of thousands of individual solar lights to vulnerable Women, Children, Elders, and persons living with Disabilities entrenched in energy poverty.



  • SHU partners with aligned social service organizations to educate them about the importance of investing in pro-poor energy projects in order to further the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

  • SHU trains social service teams to identify and address energy poverty in the communities they serve

  • SHU leverages existing social service delivery channels to address the energy poverty

  • SHU trains NGO field workers on data collection methodologies



  • The Safe Birth and Healthy Homes (SB+HH) project is an initiative launched by LTBLI and SHU in March 2019 to incentivize expectant women to give birth safely at health clinics. In this pilot phase, 900 solar lights are being distributed to new mothers through 3 health clinics in Uganda in partnership with the local healthcare workers and district officers.

  • Women SET (Solar Empowerment Training) is a 14 hour training with stipend for female Village Health Team workers in Uganda. It was developed by SHU and LTBLI and is funded by LTBLI and implemented by SHU and KACCAD. It trains vetted local women to understand the benefits of renewable lighting and empowers them to enter the growing solar light marketplaces. It also offers a one-time seed grant for the purchase of several solar lights. Women SET has trained 20 women who are saving working capital and reinvesting 46% of their income back into their business.

  • Get SET project is a collaborative project that trains young teen mothers 18-24 years old in solar entrepreneurship



  • Solar Health Uganda is committed to training youth and young adults to have the necessary skills and competencies to participate in the growing renewable energy marketplace.


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