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Small Village Solar Gardeners

The Small Village Solar Gardeners Initiative aims to combat food insecurity in Uganda while promoting sustainable and climate-friendly farming practices. Our comprehensive program includes training sessions on modern farming technologies that have minimal environmental impact. We focus on establishing small gardens for low-income families and supporting small-scale commercial farmers engaged in cultivating seasonal crops. Our vision is to restore Uganda's historical reputation as the food basket of the East African region.

Recognizing the challenges hindering the revival of Uganda's agricultural sector, our initiative employs clean energy solutions to provide a year-round water supply for plants. Our team of experts specializes in setting up efficient irrigation systems tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a solar gravity-powered horticultural drip irrigation system, a direct solar-powered horticultural drip irrigation system, or a solar-powered fixed sprinkler irrigation system, we are equipped to address your requirements.

Please be aware that we request a surveying fee from clients, which enables our team to conduct on-site assessments and create accurate budgets for your farmland. Additionally, this fee covers the transportation costs of our technicians to your location. The exact surveying fee is determined based on the distance to your farmland.

Through our social enterprise model, we reinvest a portion of the proceeds to initiate small gardens for low-income families and provide ongoing training. By choosing our services, you contribute not only to the advancement of sustainable farming practices but also to the betterment of local communities. Join us in creating a thriving, environmentally conscious agricultural sector in Uganda.

Schedule a survey with us

Our team will arrange a visit to your farmland as soon as you confirm the location and date.

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