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Partner Reviews: About Us

"Solar Health Uganda is a highly professional organization committed to transformational and sustainable community programming and development. The staff has been instrumental in co-creating and implementing our highly successful solar outreach, education and energy-access projects across Uganda with a wide range of local stakeholders. With a firm grounding in the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in the context of grassroots engagement, Solar Health Uganda is uniquely positioned to work with NGOs, companies, and other development partners."

Sarah Baird
Executive Director, Let There Be Light International

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"CESA-Uganda's work with Solar Health Uganda has been beneficial to the organization because of the consultancy services they have extended to us, which have helped our staff better understand the benefits of solar energy as we have incorporated and encouraged the use of solar energy in our work, especially in off grid rural areas. This has helped bridge the energy gap as it has led to improved health, strengthened local communities, as they have been exposed to an alternative source of energy."

Abu Mubiru
Executive Director, CESA-Uganda

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"Access to clean light for lighting should be universal (for all) and that's not yet the case for Uganda. Thanks, Solar Health Uganda, and your partners for your contributions and for supporting Defeating Darkness Community Initiative towards the same goal. I know together we will create the desired change.''

Ruth Kuteesa 

Executive Director, Defeating Darkness Community Initiative

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