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One pivotal element of our empowerment initiatives is the Women SET (Solar Empowerment Training) program. This comprehensive 2- weeks training, accompanied by a stipend, is tailored for female Village Health Team workers and women with the enthusiasm to educate their communities about the health benefits of clean energy in Uganda. Originally developed by Solar Health Uganda and Let There Be Light International, the program is now exclusively managed by SHU.

Women SET not only imparts local women with an understanding of the advantages of renewable lighting but also equips them with the skills to enter the burgeoning solar light market. Participants receive a one-time seed grant to purchase several solar lights.

To date, Women SET has successfully trained and established two women's groups, who are not only preserving working capital but also reinvesting 46% of their income back into their businesses.


We extend an invitation to potential partners to join us in expanding the reach of Women's SET training to new areas and markets.

Join us in our mission to empower women, brighten lives, and instigate enduring positive change in communities across Uganda.


Contact us to support this initiative and be a part of the transformation. Together, let's create a sustainable impact.

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