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Solar Health Uganda is an NGO with expertise in addressing Energy Poverty and Climate Change in Uganda. We help companies, NGOs, communities, and individuals to successfully identify solar opportunities and to implement solar programming and projects. We are available for short-term and long-term consulting projects.


Program Director

David Derrick.jpg

David Derrick oversees procurements, remuneration, and the supervision of field teams at Solar Health Uganda. He plays a key role in directing the organization's network and operations, as well as building and strengthening relationships with the community, aligned partners, and CSOs across Uganda. In addition to his work with SHU, Derrick is also the Executive Director/Founder of KACCAD and serves as the Program Administrator in Uganda for Let There Be Light International.


Energy Poverty Consultant


George Mike is responsible for overseeing Evaluations and Outreach Campaigns as well as the administration of business at Solar Health Uganda. In his role, he conducts surveys to locate areas with an urgent need for solar light distribution and then follows up to confirm the long-term impact. He also plays a key role in creating awareness and educating communities and CSOs on the benefits of solar utilization through ongoing outreach campaigns.


George brings significant expertise to his role, having earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies from Kyambogo University and Administrative Law from the Law Development Center. In addition, he studied music production at the Esom School of Music and is a recording artist. His knowledge and skills in building equitable systems that meet the needs of isolated and marginalized populations are invaluable to SHU.


Education and Health Consultant


Caroline is responsible for training and empowering women groups with skills that can be applied to gain employment in the renewable energy sector. Her focus is educating communities about the health benefits of using solar energy. She holds a diploma in Clinical Psychiatry from the Butabika School of Psychiatric Clinical Officers.


Field Research Analyst


Siriman is responsible for the project and reports development. He creates surveying tools and analyzes data from the field while supporting various teams in all phases of each project. He has a vast background in Environmental Agriculture through his Bachelor's Degree from Makerere University.


Nursing Consultant

Charity is a midwife and the head of the Maternity section at Kikonda Health Center III, one of the Safe Births + Healthy Homes (SB+HH) project sites in the Kyankwanzi district. She joined Solar Health Uganda in June 2021 as a nursing consultant. She trains and mentors data collectors, and Village Health Teams at the SB+HH sites, and she also regularly provides insights and recommendations on program modification.


She has a certificate in Nursing and Midwifery from the International Institute of Health Sciences in Jinja, a diploma in Nursing and Midwifery from the Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery, and a diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Health from Lunds University in Sweden. She has served for 8 years in the healthcare industry. She is a midwife at Kikonda HCIII in the Kyankwanzi district.



Artist In Residence


Gabriel is a talented artist. He paints and draws very stunning works of art such as graphite, charcoal, and oil portrait paintings. He is a High school graduate of Buloba High School. Gabriel joined Solar Health Uganda in September 2020 as an Artist in Residence. He makes portraits and drawings which highlight the benefits of clean energy in off-grid homes and communities.


His artwork has been recognized and appreciated by people in Uganda and other countries. He is also passionate about photography and videography and he is being mentored by his friends to master this skill set.


International Advisor

Sarah Baird.JPG

Sarah Baird’s focus has always been on clean energy access by off-grid rural communities. For over 10 years she has focused on projects aimed at raising energy poverty awareness and promoting solar usage among the extremely poor communities in the rural off-grid places of the world. Uganda has been among those privileged to benefit from her fundraising career. She has advocated for the energy poor in pre-market communities at international conferences.

Pranshu Agrwal

Strategy Advisor

PRANSHU graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and is currently employed as a Corporate Strategy Advisor for Shell Global focusing on renewable and new energy. PRANSHU has held several leadership roles in Shell and other major corporations.


In May 2022, he joined our team as a volunteer for a period of 18 months. His extensive experience in strategy development and business model development is truly impressive, and the SHU team has benefited greatly from his wealth of knowledge and expertise during the past few months.

Pranshu Picture_edited.jpg
Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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