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The Lights 4 Literacy initiated by Let There Be Light International in collaboration with Solar Health Uganda and Uganda Spelling Bee, aims to improve literacy levels among students residing in off-grid households. 

The program involves providing a combination of pico solar lights and books to the participants. However, the focus is not just on distributing these items, but also on eliciting feedback from the beneficiaries on the benefits and utility of the lights and books in enhancing their literacy.


The program seeks to encourage the participants to think about how they can leverage these resources to improve their literacy skills.

The Lights 4 Literacy program was initially launched in September 2020, during the school closures prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The decision to launch the program was driven by the growing concerns expressed by the project's initiators, who were troubled by reports in the media and local communities about the plight of adolescents who were out of school. 

Many girls were reported to have become pregnant, while a significant number of boys and girls had turned to work to support themselves, causing a shift in their focus away from their studies. 

The initiators recognized the potential long-term consequences of this situation and were motivated to take action to address it. 


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