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New Member Joins Solar Health Uganda Team

Solar Health Uganda is pleased to welcome Siriman Kiryowa to our team as an energy poverty consultant. Siriman Kiryowa has profound expertise in a number of technical fields. He is a results-oriented researcher with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. With a distinguished background in the field of agriculture and community-based programming in diverse environmental settings, Siriman will be a strong addition to our team.

Siriman will assist the Solar Health Uganda team in technical documentation (proposals, business plans and reports), conducting research (surveys, needs assessment, impact assessment, and feasibility studies), administering training programs, natural resources management, and project planning and management. Siriman’s deep knowledge of environmental conservation and protection, climate change mitigation, and programming related to renewable energy access will compliment the expertise of the Solar Health Uganda team.

Siriman was inspired to join the Solar Health Uganda team while participating in solar programming activities undertaken by KACCAD, a Ugandan NGO, in partnership with Let There Be Light International (LTBLI), an international NGO based in the United States.

“I feel privileged to join the Energy Poverty Consultants team of Solar Health Uganda. I was inspired to join the Solar Outreach and Advocacy work of Solar Health Uganda after participating in solar lighting energy activities carried out by Kyosiga Community Christian Association for Development in partnership with Let There Be Light International .

I believe that increasing access to clean, renewable energy greatly contributes to peoples’ health and climate change mitigation. The effects of air pollution resulting from the use of dirty, non-renewable lighting energy cannot be understated. Similarly, the effects of climate change on Uganda’s socio-economic development are far reaching. This is particularly notable in the country’s agriculture sector. Crop productivity, for instance, has been greatly reduced due to the unfavorable climate conditions.

I am hopeful that my joining the Solar Health Uganda team will significantly enhance the solar programming work to the benefit of the energy poor communities. I am passionate about improving peoples’ lives through better health, safety and income generation. By bringing my technical skills in resource mobilization, training, documentation, research, monitoring and evaluation, I will facilitate Solar Health Uganda’s solar programming and impact.

My new responsibilities will include:

  • Becoming familiar with current research on Energy Poverty and sharing it with LTBLI

  • Helping to administer Lighting Needs Assessment Surveys

  • Helping to administer Solar Light Distributions

  • Providing technical support to Solar Light Recipients

  • Helping to conduct follow-up Solar Light surveys

  • Collecting and organizing data (demographic and other)

  • Submitting bi-weekly reports about LTBLI projects in Uganda

  • Supporting LTBLI partners in Uganda whenever requested

  • Writing and submitting proposals to funders and partners for Solar Health Uganda

  • Promoting Solar Health Uganda, KACCAD and LTBLI’s solar program by making timely posts on social media and updating SHU’s website regularly

  • Capturing promotional material from distribution sites and sharing it with LTBLI

  • Writing blogs on LTBLI projects and any other articles related to clean energy or environment

  • Assisting LTBLI in contributing to papers to be presented at Conferences

  • Travelling to remote districts to supervise LTBLI’s projects

  • Participating in conferences, meetings or workshops on clean energy, SDGs and related themes

  • Organizing and participating in sensitization and awareness creation on clean energy

  • Undertaking assignments intended to promote Solar Programming, protect the environment and other related development projects impacting lives of the less advantaged groups in communities KACCAD serves.

Siriman has previously undertaken consultancy engagements in the fields of training, research, renewable energy, agriculture and forestry. Siriman believes in collaborative efforts for achieving results and looks forward to helping Solar Health Uganda to realize an added level of achievement as a result of their combined skills.

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