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Solar Health Uganda (SHU) is a Ugandan-based nonprofit organization working with local and international organizations to address entrenched energy poverty and climate change.

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Local African SDG Data and Programming Experts


  • Data and science-driven energy and health consultancy services 

  • Train Your Team to Identify and Address Energy Poverty

  • Leverage Existing Social Service Delivery Channels to Address Need

  • Train Field Workers on Data Collection Methodologies

  • Share Best Practices

  • Small Scale Health Clinic Solar Electrification

  • Solar Products Field Testing

  • Share learning and knowledge on un/underserved population

  • Energy Needs Assessment

  • Impact Assessment






 NOTE: Consultation services are offered by

 Solar Health Uganda. Let There Be Light International does not coordinate, supervise, or endorse any consultation services but may be contacted for a reference.



  • Mentorship for University Interns 

  • Outreach and Awareness about Clean Energy and Climate Change

  • Mentorship to Women Solar Entrepreneur Group

  • Partnership Development and Advocacy on Energy Poverty and Climate

Solar Health Uganda is a non-profit social consultancy dedicated to promoting clean energy and sustainable living practices within Uganda.


We rely on fees from other non-profits and social enterprises to support our efforts to raise awareness and advance climate action.


Our focus is not on financial gain, but on creating a positive impact within our community and 


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Tracy uses her donated solar light for study during the night.

Lights 4 Literacy pilot aims at building a relationship between children and parents, promoting a reading culture, and replacing dangerous kerosene lamps with clean and safe solar lights to allow night study by the school children.

This project is a partnership of Let There Be Light International, Solar Health Uganda, and Uganda Spelling Bee also known as Enjuba.

“Working with our partners, Today our services are more important and impactful than ever''

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off-grid rural Health Centers solar electrified


pico solar lights distributed to vulnerable communities


clean energy awareness outreach activities


Women solar entrepreneur groups established


organizations benefited from trainings on data collection and energy needs assessment

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Solar Health Uganda is an outstanding organization that is dedicated to creating meaningful and lasting community development programs.
Their team has played an integral role in developing and executing successful solar education, outreach, and energy access initiatives throughout Uganda by collaborating closely with local stakeholders. Through their steadfast commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and on-the-ground engagement with communities, Solar Health Uganda is ideally placed to partner with NGOs, corporations, and other development organizations. I highly recommend their services.
Sarah Baird, Executive Director, Let There Be Light International.
Solar Health Uganda's consultancy services have been immensely beneficial to CESA-Uganda.
Thanks to their expert guidance, our staff has a better understanding of the benefits of solar energy, which has enabled us to integrate and promote the use of solar energy in our work, particularly in off-grid rural areas. This has not only bridged the energy gap but has also resulted in improved health outcomes and strengthened local communities through the provision of an alternative source of energy.
I highly recommend Solar Health Uganda's services to other organizations seeking to promote sustainable energy solutions.
Abu Mubiru, Executive Director, CESA-Uganda.
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A midwife gives a new mom a pico solar light as she was discharging her at Kikonda Health Center one of the 9 participating clinics in the Safe Births + Healthy Homes program

“The Safe Births + Healthy Homes program, sponsored by Let There Be Light International, ensures the well-being of moms and their babies beyond the health care center.''


New moms are equipped with a light that enhances their safety and reduces indoor pollution - a significant cause of respiratory illnesses.


Solar Health Uganda is proud to promote this initiative as we strive towards a healthier and empowered community."


solarclinic copyrightSHU.JPG

1 in 4 health clinics in Africa lacks electricity. In response to stakeholder requests, SHU and its partners identify and prioritize rural frontline clinics in need of electricity.



Since 2014, Solar Health Uganda and KACCAD have solar-electrified 79 off-grid clinics. These solar clinics' electrification has been sponsored by  Let There Be Light International. 

SHU is responsible for conducting all needs assessments, implementing pre/post electrification surveys, administering and overseeing the electrification projects, providing education and system manuals to clinic staff, and providing ongoing electrification support to the health staff and administrators.

International partners and supporters are invited to contact SHU to explore opportunities to solar-electrify health clinics and improve health outcomes in last-mile communities.  

Lucia, a grateful recipient of a donated solar light, has found an 
invaluable resource in completing her household chores. Thanks to our 
partner Let There Be Light International for providing these solar lights, Lucia and her grandchild 
can now enjoy their dinner without the inconvenience of darkness. 
Additionally, they benefit from the smoke-free and portable qualities of 
solar light.

Lucia's ability to move the light around their small hou
makes it an indispensable tool. It's heartwarming to witness Lucia serving 
tea to her grandchild from a local kettle in the comfort and security of 
their illuminated ho


Solar lights are making a positive impact in 
Uganda, and we are thrilled to be a part of this essential service.

Our team is dedicated to promoting the use of solar energy in local 
communities by conducting outreaches and health talks highlighting its 
health and environmental benefits. Despite our efforts, we have encountered 
many individuals who view solar energy as a modern luxury beyond 
their reach. In particular, we have come across many families in off-grid 
remote communities who are unable to afford solar lights.


We urge potential donors to consider donating through Let There Be Light International, which would enable us to provide solar lights to underprivileged households, including students, mothers, the elderly, and the handicapped. By doing so, we would be able to impact the lives of many individuals who
currently lack access to essential lighting, which can have a significant 
impact on their quality of life.


We believe that every individual deserves 
access to clean and sustainable energy and your contribution can help us 
make this a reality for many families in need.

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Our Clients and Affiliations

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